Treeless Mountain

Movie information

Released on:
April 22, 2009 (Wed)  (NY)

Oscilloscope Pictures

Status: Released

Hee-yeon Kim, Mi-hyang Kim, Song-hee Kim, Soo-ah Lee

Director: So Yong Kim

Screenwriter: So Yong Kim

Genre: Drama
About the film:
When their mother needs to leave in order to find their estranged father, seven year-old Jin and her younger sister, Bin, are left to live with their Big Aunt for the summer. With only a small piggy bank and their mother's promise to return when it is full, the two young girls are forced to acclimate to changes in their family life. Counting the days, and the coins, the two bright-eyed young girls eagerly anticipate their mother's homecoming. But when the bank fills up, and with their mother still not back, Big Aunt decides that she can no longer tend to the children. Taken to live on their grandparents' farm, it is here that Jin comes to learn the importance of family bonds in this beautiful, meditative, and thought-provoking second feature from So Yong Kim, the acclaimed director of IN BETWEEN DAYS.
Box Office: Opening weekend: $5,014 (1 theater) | Domestic Total: $60,336
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