Brothers at War

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Two brothers went to fight. One went to find out why. Rated R: Restricted (Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian) -- Rated R for language and a brief war image.
Released on:
March 13, 2009 (limited)

Samuel Goldwyn

Status: Released

Director: Jake Rademacher

Genre: Documentary, War
About the film:
BROTHERS AT WAR is an intimate portrait of an American family during a turbulent time. Jake Rademacher sets out to understand the experience, sacrifice, and motivation of his two brothers serving in Iraq. The film follows Jake's exploits as he risks everything-including his life-to tell his brothers' story. Often humorous but sometimes downright lethal, BROTHERS AT WAR is a remarkable journey in which Jake embeds with four combat units in Iraq. Unprecedented access to U.S. and Iraqi combat units take him behind the camouflage curtain with secret reconnaissance troops on the Syrian border, into sniper "hide sites" in the Sunni Triangle, through raging machine-gun battles with the Iraqi Army. Ultimately, the film follows his brothers home where separations and life-threatening work ripple through their parents, siblings, wives, and children. BROTHERS AT WAR is a rare look at the bonds and service of our soldiers on the frontlines and the profound effect their service has on the loved ones they leave behind.

Theaters / Locations for Brothers at War:
  • Fayetteville, NC (Fort Bragg) Carmike 12 Cinemas
  • Jacksonville, NC (Camp Lejeune) Carmike 16 Cinemas
  • Columbus, GA (Fort Benning) Carmike 15 Cinemas
  • Raleigh, NC (location TBA)
  • Rated R for language and a brief war image.
    Box Office: Opening weekend: $33,142 (7 theaters) | Domestic Total: $153,148
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