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A touching comedy. Rated R: Restricted (Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian) -- Rated R for language.
Released on:
May 15, 2009 (limited)

Production Companies:
Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Temple Hill Entertainment, Image Entertainment
Samuel Goldwyn

Status: Released

Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn, Woody Harrelson, Margo Martindale, Fred Ward, James Liao, Don Stewart Burns, Collin Crowley

Director: Stephen Belber

Screenwriter: Stephen Belber

Genre: Comedy, Romance
About the film:
MANAGEMENT is a romantic comedy that chronicles a chance meeting between Mike Cranshaw (Steve Zahn) and Sue Claussen (Jennifer Aniston). When Sue checks into the roadside motel owned by Mike's parents in Arizona, what starts with a bottle of wine "compliments of MANAGEMENT" soon evolves into a multi-layered, cross-country journey of two people looking for a sense of purpose. Mike, an aimless dreamer, bets it all on a trip to Sue's workplace in Maryland - only to find that she has no place for him in her carefully ordered life. Buttoned down and obsessed with making a difference in the world, Sue goes back to her yogurt mogul ex-boyfriend Jango (Woody Harrelson), who promises her a chance to head his charity operations. But, having found something worth fighting for, Mike pits his hopes against Sue's practicality, and the two embark on a twisted, bumpy, freeing journey to discover that their place in the world just might be together.
Rated R for language.
Box Office: Opening weekend: $375,916 (212 theaters) | Domestic Total: $934,658
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