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What happens when the numbers run out? Rated PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned (Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13) -- Rated PG-13 for disaster sequences, disturbing images and brief strong language.
Released on:
March 20, 2009  

Production Companies:
Escape Artists, Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment, Goldcrest Pictures
Summit Entertainment

Status: Released

Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne, Chandler Canterbury, Ben Mendelsohn, Adrienne Pickering, Liam Hemsworth, Terry Camilleri, Nadia Townsend

Director: Alex Proyas

Screenwriter: Ryne Douglas Pearson, Juliet Snowden, Stiles White, Stuart Hazeldine

Genre: Thriller, Sci-fi
About the film:
A single father and chairman of his town's historical society is summoned when a time capsule buried behind an elementary school in 1958 is prematurely unearthed because of a water-main break. The man, whose son attends the school, sifts through the contents and finds drawings of what 1958 tykes predicted the modern world would be like. It's all flying cars and fantasy stuff, with the exception of one chilling entry. One child predicted some of the most horrible events in recent history, and there's one that hasn't yet occurred, which the man attempts to prevent.
Rated PG-13 for disaster sequences, disturbing images and brief strong language.
Box Office: Opening weekend: $24.6 mil. (3332 theaters) | Domestic Total: $79.96 mil.No. 1 Movie at the Box Office
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nnyhof – grand haven michigan
August 03, 2009 - 01:36
Subject: spiritual undertones

God works with numn
bers-hes the greatest mathematician ever. in revelation, john saw the heavens and earth detsroyed by fire for a new heaven and earth. ezekial saw the wheel in the wheel with the 4 faces(maybe nationsbear,eagle,lion,man)
in the movie $ protectors<"only the children can come to start over, they have heard the call"

at the end- in the kingdom running toward the tree(of life?)

interesting biblical paralells.

amanda – malang
May 28, 2009 - 04:08
Subject: about knowing film

it was a great film i ever seen !
very interesting ,misterious and wonderful .

stuff – Los Angeles
February 13, 2009 - 13:52
Subject: nick cage

This one looks pretty good. I thought that the time thing done right could turn out to be pretty entertaining. guess the kid missed the 9/11 one... lol... oh well... only one knew about that!

Reply to stuff
nnyhof – grand haven michigan
August 03, 2009 - 01:38
Subject: Re: nick cage

got that right