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Released on:
December 25, 2003 (Thu)  (NY, LA)

Production Companies:
Killer Films, Sandcastle 5 Productions, Capitol Films, Sony Classics

Status: Released

Neve Campbell, Malcolm McDowell, James Franco

Director: Robert Altman

Screenwriter: Barbara Turner
Box Office: Opening weekend: $93,776 (11 theaters) | Domestic Total: $2.28 mil.

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Auth – XUvrBhoElOGm
July 20, 2012 - 02:23
Subject: ZvPZrhsyhC

That's really ruhnsig it, don't ya think? I mean let's say 3 months for filming (doesn't allow much time for any reshoots), then 3 months for post-production and editing, now we're at the beginning of December! Not much time for promotion! I don't see how they could do it, but I can understand they might not want to wait til 2012. Such a conundrum!!! LOLThis part of this comment is just for those of us who were drawn to this project cuz of RPattinson what a year 2011 will be for us RPatz fans: WFE, Bel Ami, BD-1 and maybe Cosmospolis. Be still my racing heart!!!!!

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